Robi Walters x Tom Kerridge

On Tuesday 11th May, we were  joined in the studio by Robi’s friend, professional chef Tom Kerridge to discuss an exciting new collaborative project. Ed Reed, a filmmaker from The Basement, a sportswear fashion community, came in to film the talk; editing together clips to create a visually impressive, yet simplistic video.  

In September 2017, Kerridge will be opening his first standalone London restaurant in Knightsbridge. The chef approached Robi to create two large tables inlaid with his collage pieces and design five plates, which will replace the current ‘Rib Room’ at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower.

Robi’s creations are often made out of music flyers, sprayed and then cut into small petals. It was suggested that rather than use these, the collages should use memorable and special menus. Using Instagram and Twitter as a platform to call out for donations, a great number of menus were sent to both Tom Kerridge and Robi Walters.

The menus vary from fine dining in Paris, to local Beefeater pub chains; each meaning something to the people who posted them. Overwhelmed with some of the stories received alongside the donated menus, Robi suggested a filmed discussion in the studio.

Robi, who’s previously illustrated for several musicians and DJs, including Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings, created and animated a short sequence for the video; sparking the idea of an ongoing series of partially animated ‘pointless conversations’.

The video is now available to view here.

Written by Amber Davies